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The Academy of Arts of the University of Nova Gorica focuses on the development of authors who create in various artistic fields and media: film, animation, photography, new media, contemporary artistic practices and various connections between them. The interdisciplinary and intermedial orientation of highly practical studies in a high-quality academic environment is ensured by a wide range of professional colleagues and guest mentors. With various mobility options, students are involved in projects and collaborations both with the local community and with the wider international social environment, which makes studying at the junction with the Italian community all the more feasible.

Video dela

Toma Kirina – I reflect / Jaz odsevam – 3:24
A subjective author’s representation of the existing descriptions of the word “reflection”.

Maria Giurgea – Zavozlan jezik / Tongue tied – 9:58
Emma and Julija are a young couple, whose different views on how should love look like are slowly bringing their relationship to an end.

Tamara Taskova – Chill Stacy, chill – Umiri se, Stacy, umiri – 1:28
Stacy tries to fix her anxiety struggles with modern medicine.

Melita Sandrin – Pareidolia – 1:27
A shadowy demon practices scaring and it doesn’t go as planned.

Domen Sajovic – Zadnji smeh / Last laugh – 2:46
Friderik the clown is performing magic tricks on the stage but the audience hates his show so he decides to convince them with a special trick.

Luka Carlevaris, Anastasija Kojić, Lazar Mihajlović (mentorica / mentor: Jasna Hribernik) – Vaje o Prostoru in čas v gibljivih slikah / Excersises about Space and Time in moving Images – 12:10
In the programe Space and Time in moving Images we deal with the problem of space and time from different angles and different research areas. Students test their views on space and time in practical exercises, in an artistic medium of their choice.

Klára Vítková, Tamara Kirina, Roman Paxyutkin, Vanda Ljumović, Filip Sluga, Karin Likar (mentorica / mentor: Jasna Hribernik) – Ko umetnost sreča znanost – behind the scenes /When art meets science – behind the scenes – 3:30
Through the study process students get to know the theory of promotional video strategies, which they later in practice discard, upgrade, question and look for new ways of narration. Four videos were created. This video is an insight into the making of the video named “River”. Project was created in collaboration with the UNG School of Environmental Sciences.

Tamara Taskova, Tamara Kirina, Karin Likar, Julie Biro in Anja Medved (Mentorji / mentors: Anja Medved, Julie Biro, Miha Nemec) – MEJE MEJE MEJE – Mednarodna filmska delavnica »Kaj je spremenilo leto 1989? / // BORDERS OF A BORDER OF A BORDER – International Film Workshop »What did 1989 change for us?« – 6:00
In the 2021/2022 academic year, students from different fields of study from Slovenia, Germany and France tried their hand at joint filmmaking. They explored family memories of the year 1989, marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall, and reflected on the visible and invisible borders that define our lives. The workshop took place in 3 different locations – script writing in Berlin (Germany, September 2021), filming in Nova Gorica (Slovenia, July 2022) and editing in Coutances (France, September 2022). Students of the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts, who participated in the project are Tamara Taskova, Ana Logar, Karin Likar, Tamara Kirina, Kostja Ronkali and Ana Prebil (participated in the Berlin workshop). This film about making a film was produced by Zavod KINOkašča/CINEMattic and co-produced by Crossborder Factory from Berlin, Du coin de l’oeil from Paris and the University of Nova Gorica School of Arts.

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