Prikazna: Tujezemlje


Aleksandra Mitić, Jürgen Ropp, Bàlint Budai, Maša Jazbec, Martìn Nadal

Otherlands takes you outside of your own body only to have you discover it from unknown angles. You have at hand a VR headset, a playful sculptural structure similar to a labyrinth and a robotic device to whom you lend you sight. Friends can join the experience and further influence your self-perception.

The work was created starting from the results of the research setting VR in Wonderland, developed in 2019 by a multidisciplinary team, bringing together researchers and artists with a background in exploring hybrid art, creative coding and textile design.

The research setting started from the intention to explore possibilities to recreate through artistic means the symptoms of the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. This syndrome describes a neurological condition in which both your self-perception as well as that of your surrounding environment are affected. Your sensory input no longer reflects reality faithfully, so you experience a distortion in understanding your own presence in space and time.

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