Prikazna: najlepše animirane zgodbe

The Most Beautiful Slovene Animated Films for Children

The Society of Slovenian Animated Film (:D’SAF!) unites authors and creators of animated films and connects them with various organizations at home and abroad. The association facilitates the transfer of experience and knowledge directly between creators, takes care of the transfer of information and actively participates in the creation of a supportive environment for the development of animated films. With programs for young audiences, it spreads the visibility of domestic animated productions among the younger generation.


Miha Kalan, Jernej Žmitek: Tako zraste … Čebela / How it grows … Bee – 5:00
Miha Kalan, Jernej Žmitek: Tako zraste … Morski konjiček / How it grows … Seahorse – 5:00
Timon Leder: Podlasica / Weasel – 11:30
Kolja Saksida: Koyaa – Spolzko milo / Koyaa – Slippery Soap – 2:45
Jernej Žmitek: Maček Muri – Tekma / Muri the Cat – The Big Game – 12:00

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