Prikazna: Monolog


Nik Rajšek / EnKnap

We all wish or need to escape our reality from time to time. And we dream. Our dreams are probably the only reality to which we “escape”, that we actually create. Yet funny enough we have no control over them. But what if we could? And what if we could share that controlled dream, this new reality, with others?

The idea of madness has always fascinated me. Dreams are madness and we
want to know more about them, explore them.

What do they mean ?
Why did that happen?
How did I get there?
Can I tame and control this madness?
Would that dream be my ideal reality?

I think that the search that happens within our dreams, making sense of
madness, is having a conversation with yourself. We are constantly looking for
answers, even though most of the time we do not know what our question is. We
would like to have an explanation for everything. We need to know why things
happen and what is our role in it.
Why do we do what we do?
Why do we say we will do something and then sometimes we do not?

We have conversations with ourselves all of the time. And that is one of the most interesting dialogues of our life.

This project, MONOLOGUE, is this dialogue. It is a conversation between me and the audience member, only this audience member plays as me, experiencing my own reality through my eyes. It is a VR experience in which we get closer to knowing ourselves and what makes us who we are.

Produced by: Zavod EN-KNAP
Idea: Nik Rajšek
Choreographer, director: Nik Rajšek
Performed by: Nik Rajšek, Enej Zidar, EVA
Editing : Andrej Lamut
Music, costumes, set: Nik Rajšek
Robot control: Žan Rajšek
VR direction and advice: Enya Belak
Special thanks: EN-KNAP ekipi, RUK Trbovlje, Adam Peterson, Olympia Kotopoulos,

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