Prikazna: EnKnap

Kreativni passe-partout


Z vzpostavljenim presečiščem med občinskimi in gospodarskimi strukturami, kulturno dediščino in sodobnimi umetniškimi pristop avtorji projekta stremijo h krepitvi prepoznavnosti Trbovelj in sodelovanja gospodarskih in občinskih institucij s sodobnimi umetniškimi pristopi.

Creative passe-partout is a method in which the viewer, with the help of a well-thought-out script, along with the guidance of speech and dance gestures, 360-degree recording technique and VR glasses or a smartphone, goes on a journey through a selected attraction and learns about its vision, peculiarities, history and heritage, in an original, immersive experience.
Using the aforementioned innovative method, the authors produced a pilot project, a nine-minute VR film about Trbovlje as it is today, entitled A Hole into the Future (2023). The project was filmed using 360-degree technology along which the authors developed a software technology that enables the production and viewing of the film product using VR glasses. In order to offer an alternative to viewing with VR glasses and to increase the accessibility of content, they also focused on the possibility of viewing the project via smartphone.
With the pilot project, the authors tested the functioning of all elements of the method in practice, focusing on the industrial and cultural heritage of Trbovlje and the vision of the city with new technologies. The user is guided along the route by the robot guide Eva, who provides historical context and additional points of interest in an understandable and, at the same time, authentic way.
With an established intersection between municipal and economic structures, cultural heritage and modern artistic approaches, the authors of the project strive to strengthen the recongition of Trbovlje and the cooperation of economic and municipal institutions using modern artistic approaches.

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