Prikazna: Zeleni slon

Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta: Green Elephant

Društvo za oživljanje zgodbe 2 koluta should actually be called something else, since it’s powered by multiple reels these days. The first reel is driven by the International Animated Film Festival Animateka, which, since its foundation in 2004, brings quality original animated films from all over the world to Ljubljana every year in the first week of December. The second reel revolves in the direction of book releases that focus on the world of comics and animated film. The third reel takes care of film distribution, bringing quality animated films to the Slovenian audience.

Video works

Timon Leder: Podlasica / Weasel – 11:35

Hung Huei Jen Red: Kako priročno / 金方便捏 / Oh, So Convenient – 4:35

Paul Bush: Orgiastično hiperplastično / Orgiastic Hyper-Plastic – 6:50

Evalds Lacis: Ježi in mesto / Eži un lielpilsēta / Hedgehogs and the City – 10:00

Jorn Leeuwerink: Pujs / Varken / Pig – 8:15

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