The process of digitalization in cinematography that is finally starting in Slovenia enables the viewing of new contents in a movie theatre; amongst them also the video, and all its derivatives/variations like a video document, or video performance. Until now video artists have been tied to TV or LCD screens, or screenings onto smaller formats. They have been restrained by technical possibilities/capacities.

The DigitalBigScreen Festival has been going on since 2010, with annual augmentations of the programme. We offer those visual artists engaged in video production the possibility to have their works screened on a big cinematic screen, thus enabling them the insight into contemporary visual practice in a new manner. The purpose of the festival is to present videos intended for the screening on a big cinematic screen. Our latest acquisition is a digital Sony SRX-R515P projector, giving the participating authors a high quality presentation of the works. Festival also enables distribution of submitted works into the Slovenian Art Cinema network, therefore extending the audience, that usually doesn’t have access to such contents.