Time and space in moving image, (0′ 15”)

  • Filip Bihar: The Undetectable Reality, 2016, animation, 1′ 09”
  • Samo Bihar: Sinechronon, 2016, animation, 1′ 05”
  • Sandra Jovanovska: Reflection, 2016, animation, 4′ 36”
  • Rajat  Sharma, Helene Thümmel: Time meets space, 2016, video, 9′ 32”
  • Filip Bihar: The modern thinker, 2016, animation, 0′ 56”

Animation film, (0′ 10”)

  • Noemi Zonta:  When you walk, follow your way to the end, 2015, animation, 2′ 42”
  • BoB – Balancing on the Border 2015; Sandra Jovanovska, Filip Bihar, Clémence Lucas, Sabrina Khan Norstrøm: Naked Across Borders, 2015, animation, 3′ 40”
  • BoB – Balancing on the Border 2015; Katarina Kogoj, Karoline Abrahamsen, Samo Bihar, Mateja Nikolić, Žan Anthony Setnikar: The Smuggling Diaries, 2015, animation, 2′ 52”
  • Filip Bihar: Dinner Time, 2016, animation, 1′ 21”
  • Samo Bihar, Frog, 2016, animation, 0′ 50”
  • Tina Zadnik, Špela Lutman, Anne Elizabeth Tassel, Miha Oven, Rawan Hourani, Filip Bihar, Sandra Jovanovska: Dzoni’s song, 2016, animation, 2′ 21”

Cinemasports Universities, (0′ 10”)

  • Sara Polanc, Michaela Di Noia, Sara Sedevčič, Anna Loi, Dominik Polanc: One Last Time, 2015, 2′ 20”
  • Valerija Zabret aka Valerie Wolf Gang: A Message to Humanity, 2015, 2′ 59”

Selection of the 19th Festival of Slovenian Film, (0′ 10”)

  • Ester Ivakič: Srdohrd, 2016, 23′ 05”





School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica was founded in 2008 upon a 15-year long experience of Famul Stuart School of Applied Arts. Its fundamental activities circulate through varied and diverse fields of art, extending their applicability; ranging from creative industries to specific interactions with science and technologies, to interdisciplinary media-production contexts. At our School of Arts, there is a bachelor’s programme in Digital Arts and Practices, and since the academic year of 2012/13 an international Master’s programme Media Arts and Practices, covering the areas of animation, film and video, photography, contemporary art practices, new media, and scenographic spaces. Project work and production inter-connecting in out-of-school, often international environments provide the students – already at the time of their study – invaluable experience while working on real and complex projects. School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica appreciates a student as an independent and creative personality, evolving in a group and a community. Our innovative approach in pedagogical, research, as well as production processes encourages independent, creative and academic work of the students led by a group of expert collaborators – carefully chosen mentors and guests, distinguished by their excellency in contemporary practice as well as their academic recognizability.