DbS 2015 – High School of Arts, uni Nova Gorica


Aha. OK (5:26)
Ester Ivakič

Feline prince decides to run away from home. On the way he meets obstacles he (un)successfully overcomes.


3P (3:21)
Matjaž Bajc, Filip Košnik, Gregor Kocjančič, Špela Lutman, Urban Klanjšček

3P is a journey trough a multilayered reality and unreality. Psychadelic experience presents both communication and confrontation of the protagonist with his alter personalities. In this conversation proleter (protagonist) is confronted with the misery of his life in a factory and disconnects himself from the rutine.


Claustrophilia (4:29)
Gregor Kocjančič, Filip Košnik, Matjaž Bajc, Ester Ivakič, Špela Lutman, Urban Klanjšček, Vid Erbič Križanec, Tilen Leban

Short story about recycled world of the dark future.


Wind (2:17)
Urška Djukić

Eksperimental video study of negative space.


Wind (2:17)
Urška Djukić

Eksperimental video study of time.


Labour (11:21)
Christian Meixner,
Peter Mišic,
Sasa Mrak,
Katja Petelin

Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar:
Sebastian Richter,
Shabnam Ghaderi Saadi,
Emily Daniel

As if a lucid nightmare of Dziga Vertov, this experimental filmic collaboration between Weimar and Nova Gorica reveals a day in a life of a product, a human, an interaction. After an associative techno-pesimist sequence of automated repetition, a happyer future is sketched -- yet only after work is done: beyond the railroad tracks, all those macabre scenes of human-devouring machines seem to be forgotten.


Encounter (11:31)
Mery Gobec,
Gregor Kocjancic,
Katja Munda Rakar,
Tine Posarelli

Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar:
Arthur Khakimullin,
Patricia Farah,
Merve Oksal,
Su Li

It is hardly believable that, same as in "Labour", this jointly authored student film was created by the method of exquisite corpse (cadavre exquis) of the Transitions experiment (http://vsu.ung.si/transitions). Student groups from two countries (Germany and Slovenia) never met live, but managed to produce stunning films by revealing to each other online only one shot (and not the whole sequence) at a time. Did he really meet her, or was he ever only faced with -- himself alone?

Trus!_still1 (1)_resize

Trus! What Do You Do? (3:03)
Katja Petelin

The video was created by scratching and coloring a Super 8 filmstrip. The author put the filmstrip through a projector and recorded the result with a camera. The creation process was carried out in the following manner: the author created patterns on the film with a scalpel and recorded them; she removed the celluloid on one side and recorded; she colored and recorded, etc. Instead of an original, a homemade filmstrip (made from foil) is played for 15 seconds on a "hand projector" (made of wood), which the author cut, colored and burned. The author Razstavni projekt Enakotežjecomputer-processed the recordings eventually and, of course, synchronised them with music.


Distant Memory (2:50)
Valerija Zabret - Valerie Wolf Gang

Distant Memory is a video poetry, which speaks about the times that once were. It all starts with a random event which evokes narrator’s memories about the times before the disintegration of Yugoslavia and encourages reflection about what the war actually brings and how quickly people forget everything. The poem can be interpreted as a letter or a personal confession of an unknown man (it can be a sailor) written for the mighty Tito’s ship Galeb. The ship has a symbolic value in the poem and through the variety of short scenes showing different details we can observe different interpretations and connections between real life and the imaginary world of poetry.
Video and poetry: Valerie Wolf Gang
Voice: Ulay


Enakotežje (17:14)
Polona Zupan

Avtorja: Pila Rusjan (Polona Zupan) and Dejan Štefančič
Finding Ballance is a collaboration with my partner Dejan Štefančič and in three works in different media we are trying to find balance in various environments and situations which we make parallel to an intimate relationship of a couple. The video loop consists of an atemption of finding a balance under water.