Diego Bonilla (MX): Accidental Occurrence

Runtime: 7.33

Accidental Occurrence is the story of 2 lives converging. Enter Maxi and Hal, two men who lead very different lives. Maxi is a young man who has been living on the edge, he’s just beginning his life of crime and he’s not very good at it. Harold, on the other hand, is a happily retired man who lives with his daughter in the outskirts of the crime-ridden city. Harold has successfully built a small company which his daughter now runs; the company produces door security bars.

All the actions that both men take on this day, and before, take them to a single moment of synchronicity, a perfectly timed instant that changes their lives forever after. Accidental Occurrence explores the trajectory of time in accidents. It looks at the series of events that merge and fuse two lives in a single moment of time. Could a change in any of their actions, that day or in the past, shift the time in which they coincided? The exploration of time in the film is also present in the way the lives of Maxi and Harold interact throughout multiple different presentations of the events of that day. Accidental Occurrence offers endless crossroads, a myriad of entry points to a tragically finite timeline.