Duygu Nazlı Akova (TR): GYES

Runtime: 3.11

In Greek mythology, during the chaotic times of the first godly beings, before the cosmos was formed, Gyes was one of the three sons of Gaia and Uranus who had one hundred arms and fifty heads. The first of this video art trilogy which represents the three giant names of mythology – Gyes (terror), Kottos (anger), Briareos (strong) – is Gyes; present in the world on a major scale, and represented in Turkey, especially in Istanbul as an image through the horrific point that urban transformation, changing living spheres and unjust living conditions have reached.

Today, Istanbul has become a giant construction site where the terrifying reflections of the applied urban politics can be seen through the disappearance of ethnic identities, and the gap in the living conditions of individuals.  These terrifying images of the new living spaces are part of the utopic world aimed to be created through the process of modernization, turning into the fantastic dystopic hero Gyes, which has the scary potential to take over the world in the future.

The video speaks an experimental language, leaving the traditional horizontal video format behind for a vertical design. The framing and point of view aim to create an illusion. Reality is broken in this new form created through documentary footage, where micro human figures move at a rapid pace, reflecting the speed of the world in which we live in, creating a façade of time.