Fluxfilm Anthology


Nam June Paik, Dick Higgins, Chieko Shiomi, John Cavanaugh, James Riddle, George Brecht, Robert Watts, Yoko Ono, Pieter Vanderbeck, Joe Jones, Erik Andersen, George Maciunas, Jeff Perkins, Wolf Vostell, Albert Fine, George Landow, Paul Sharits, John Cale, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr, and Ben Vautier

1962-1970, 120 min, b&w and color, sound

Dating from the sixties and compiled by George Maciunas (1931-1978, founder of Fluxus), Fluxfilm Anthology is a document consisting of 37 short films ranging from 10 seconds to 10 minutes in length. These films (some of which were meant to be screened as continuous loops) were shown as part of the events and happenings of the New York avant-garde. Made by the artists ranging from Nam June Paik and Wolf Vostell to Yoko Ono, they celebrate the ephemeral humor of the Fluxus movement.

Fluxus’ interdisciplinary aesthetic brings together influences as diverse as Zen, science, and daily life and puts them to poetic use. Initially received as little more than an international network of pranksters, the playful artists of Fluxus were, and remain, a network of radical visionaries who sought to reconcile art with life.
Published by Re:Voir.


Zen for Film, Nam June Paik 1962-64, 8 min, b&w, silent

Invocation of Canyons and Boulders (for Stan Brakhage), Dick Higgins 1966, 20 sec, b&w, silent

End After 9, George Maciunas 1966, 1 min, b&w, silent

Disappearing Music for Face, Mieko (Chieko) Shiomi 1966, 11:15 min, b&w, silent

Blink, John Cavanaugh 1966, 2:20 min, b&w, silent

9 Minutes, James Riddle 1966, 9:45 min, b&w, silent

10 feet, George Maciunas 1966, 23 sec, b&w, silent

1000 Frames, George Maciunas 1966, 43 sec, b&w, silent

Eye Blink, Yoko Ono 1966, 15 sec, b&w, silent

Entrance to Exit, George Brecht 1965, 7 min, b&w, sound

Trace #22, Robert Watts 1965, 3 min, b&w, silent

Trace #23, Robert Watts 1965, 3 min, b&w, silent

Trace #24, Robert Watts 1965, 4:20 min, b&w, silent

One, Yoko Ono 1966, 5 min, b&w, silent

Eye Blink, Yoko Ono 1966, 35 sec, b&w, silent

Four, Yoko Ono 1967, 6:15 min, b&w, silent

Five O’Clock in the Morning, Pieter Vanderbeck 1966, 5:20 min, b&w, silent

Smoking, Joe Jones 1966, 5:10 min, b&w, sound

Opus 74, Version 2, Erik Andersen 1966, 1:35 min, b&w and color, sound

Artype, George Maciunas 1966, 2:40 min, b&w, sound

Shout, Jeff Perkins 1966, 2:10 min, b&w, silent

Sun in Your Head (Television Decollage), Wolf Vostell 1963, 7:10 min, b&w, silent

Readymade, Albert Fine 1966, 2:20 min, b&w and color, silent

The Evil Faerie, George Landow 1966, 28 sec, b&w, silent

Sears Catalogue 1-3, Paul Sharits 1965, 28 sec, b&w, silent

Dots 1 & 2, Paul Sharits 1965, 35 sec, b&w, silent

Wrist Trick, Paul Sharits 1965, 28 sec, b&w, silent

Unrolling Event, Paul Sharits 1965, 5 sec, b&w, silent

Word Movie, Paul Sharits 1966, 3:50 min, b&w and color, sound

Dance, Albert Fine 1966, 2:23 min, b&w, silent

Police Car, John Cale 1966, 1:17 min, color, silent

Fluxfilm No. 36, Peter Kennedy; Mike Parr 1970, 2:30 min, b&w, sound

Fluxfilm No. 37, Peter Kennedy; Mike Parr 1970, 1:30 min, b&w, silent

Je ne vois rien Je n’entends rien Je ne dis rien, Ben Vautier 1966, 7:32 min, b&w, silent

La traversée du port de Nice á la nage, Ben Vautier 1963, 3:15 min, b&w, silent

Faire un effort, Ben Vautier 1969, 2:13 min, b&w, silent

Regardez moi cela suffit, Ben Vautier 1962, 6:48 min, b&w, silent


Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), New York and Anthology Film Archives.