Fine art – Moving Image Productions – TAMK 2017

These video works have been created during Moving Image study module in Spring 2017. The study module is part of the Fine Art study path´s curriculum in D.P. in Media and Arts of TAMK- Tampere University of Applies Sciences in Finland.

The authors are fine art first year- and exchange students. The aim was to explore the practice of moving image within fine art context. There was no specific theme given, but the connective issue of these video works can be found in the notions of reality, co-reality and the position and experience of the spectator.

Fanni Niemi-Junkola
Head of Fine Art Study Path
TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences



Group video: Snap
Authors: Barbara Jazbec, Dor Koren, Arty Zuev, Annika Korhonen, Inka Jerkku, Jong Won, Diana Kamaletdinova, Sini Keskitalo, Marta Lario Ruiz, Sungjin Park, N.K. Trevor, Tiago Mazza Chiaravalloti, Edilene Rodriguez
Runtime: 4.23
A couple of old friends meet after many years to catch up. They talk about their lives, their children’s lives, and how life has changed throughout their own lifetimes. One is enjoying the changes and embracing them, while the other resents and resists them. Their talk points at the grey area of a change – and that it means different things for different people. A change can be good, bad, both or neither.

Barbara Jazbec: Privacy interrupted
Runtime: 2.12
Year: 2017
Privacy is a state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life; in other words to have freedom to be let alone. Do animals feel the same? Should humans respect a tribe’s privacy?

Barbara Jazbec: Sohva
Runtime: 1.24
Year: 2017
When you spend too much time in one place, things may get out of hands. You start to mix reality and fiction.

Dor Koren: Boreal
Runtime: 2.47
Year: 2017
It is easy to lose focus. In the snowclad boreal forest, winter’s silence can help distill the noise within the mind and restore the focus, if only for a brief moment.

Dor Koren: Preordained
Runtime: 2.05
Year: 2017
An old existential question is whether to force change in one’s life or to accept it as it is. One can always try both; but are they acting out of their own volition or is their will preordained?

Arty Zuev: Every Knowledge is Self-knowledge
Runtime: 2.07
Year: 2017
We see ourselves wherever we look.

Arty Zuev: Shaman Shadow
Runtime: 5.10
Year: 2017
Explore the world of imagination, take something new, go back and show.

Annika Korhonen: Funny Cat Videos
Runtime: 2.43
Year: 2017
Distract yourself, think about something else. At least 68 children killed. Maybe watch some funny cats online. You know you want to. It’s easier.

Rahalia Senior, Arty Zuev, Heide Seemann, Anna Bern: Harmony
Runtime: 1.52
Year: 2017
Harmony of darkness and light through art.

Inka Jerkku: Everywhere Except Here
Runtime: 3.33
Year: 2017
Going around the world, seeing one spectacle after another, trying desperately to find something to fill the emptiness inside. But you will never find it as long as you keep looking outside of yourself.

Jong Won: The bus
Runtime: 1.48
Year: 2017
The bus shows us all of life, like cinema !

Diana Kamaletdinova: Home
Runtime: 3.13
Year: 2017
What makes us calling certain places “home”? For me, home is not created by objects. It´s created by people.

Sini Keskitalo: THE LIE
Runtime: 3.17
Year: 2017
How memories can lie to us. How time shows ordinary things precious. How crushed we would feel to discover the good memories weren’t actually good.

Sini Keskitalo: The reality
Runtime: 1.41
Year: 2017
Dream or reality? Is there a place to find where your dream and reality could collide.

Anna Lavrukhina & Maria Mikhailova: Sun came out
Lyrics and song by Anna Lavrukhina
Runtime: 2.52
Year: 2017
Every person has ups and downs in life and such moments when you feel «cold alone in the dark». The mood of this song is positive and empowering despite of the deep lyrics, that tell the story of the protagonist.

Marta Lario Ruiz: Uncertainty
Runtime: 1.28
Year: 2017
Sometimes you need to burst your bubble to discover yourself and the world around you.

Sungjin Park: No Angels
Runtime: 1.11
Year: 2017
Angels are not there for us.

Sungjin Park: Only Death
Runtime: 2.49
Year: 2017
People are balancing on the thin border of life and death.

N.K. Trevor: The Wanderer
Runtime: 1.45
Year: 2017
The wanderer explores our consciousness when we sleep and dream. What happens then? What becomes of the dream? Is it a mixture of reality and imagination or memories and forecast? It could feel surreal, yet so real at the same time. We could be here in one moment, yet almost at once, the atmosphere could zone-out through a dozen other places and emotions. Could it be that our souls drift away and wander from our bodies to transcend through time and space? Or is it just an exaggeration of our thoughts?