Amar Ferizović (BIH): Hodi brez meje…

Wheelchair simulator is a VR program designed as the real world of people with physical disability. It is a simulation which, with the help of VR dimension, explains the real issues people in wheelchairs have with movement in a particular place, street or public institution. With the help of the cohesion between technology and humanisation it shows, to people without disabilities, what difference it makes when a place, street or public institution is facilitated with an appropriate access for people with disability – visually and sensibly – in real time and space.

The primary task of the simulation is to establish a sensuous and visual interpretation, a real space communication, and to offer some solutions to the existing problems that have been identified. There were two cities included in this simulation; Bugojna (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Koper (Slovenia).

Through two different applications and through six VR videos, the user can feel and experience some positive and negative examples of the situations that a person with a physical disability finds themselves in during their communication with space.

People are often only interested in their own problems and only rarely notice certain problems that others share with us. The aim of the simulation is therefore to point out and help understand the problems of the physically disabled, who account serious troubles fulfilling their even most basic human needs, such as having open access to free movement within their environment.