Artist group: Superimposed (FIN)

Five artists working in Finland offer the DigitalBigScreen visitors a green screen workshop, where the artwork will be made together with the participants. The idea of the workshop is that the participants discuss and tell stories about what dreams they have had – asleep or awake – and what they mean to them. The participants decide, together with the artists, what kind of video or performance they would like to produce with the green screen. The Green Screen workshop is organised and held by Barbara Jazbec as the director, and Inka Jerkku, Janina Joutsen, Elina Knuutinen and Annika Korhonen, as supervising artists.

Shown on the big screen in the cinema there are video artworks of the topics, related to the theme of the workshop, made by the following artists:

Barbara Jazbec
Title: Dreams
Duration: 4’:40’’

Inka Jerkku
Title: Dr. Dream
Duration: 2’:21’’

Janina Joutsen
Title: Paralysis
Duration: 1’:24’’

Elina Knuutinen
Title: Never sleep, only dreams
Duration: 4’:00’

Annika Korhonen
Title: Cycles
Duration: 3’:30’’