School of Arts at the University of Nova Gorica, focuses on the development of authorial personalities, savvy in several complementary artistic fields and media – film, animation, photography, new media and contemporary art practices. The interdisciplinary and intermedia orientation of these explicitly practical study programmes delivered in a quality academic environment is seen to by a rich pallet of referenced collaborators and visiting mentors. Besides manifold mobility options, students are included in international projects and collaboration with the local community as well as with a wider social context, especially the cultural and creative industries.

Tiziano Biagi, Pietro Cromaz
Title: Sons of the Sea (I Figli del Mare)
Duration: 3’:27’’

Sagar Gahatraj
Title: The Carwash Job
Duration: 6’:58’’

Film Iniciative
Title: Afflatus
Duration: 16’:16’’

Sandra Jovanovska
Title: Soma
Duration: 9’:05’’

Onur Erdurak
Title: The Tale of the great Warrior
Duration: 11’:21’’

Larisa Nagode, Anja Resman, Jošt Šeško, Žad Soklič, Amadeja Kirbiš, Matija Ternovec, Denis Perčič, Anja Paternoster, Vid Cerjak, Sara Krivec, Pietro Cromaz
Title: Hen and Cock (Puta in petelinček)

Jošt Šeško, Larisa Nagode, Anja Resman, Žad Soklič, Blaž Štolar, Amadeja Kirbiš, Matija Ternovec, Denis Perčič, Vid Cerjak, Anja Paternoster, Eva Sara Krivec
Title: Cat and Mouse (Mačka in miška)
Duration: 2’:35’’