Fine art – Moving Image Productions – TAMK 2019

Fine art – Moving Image Productions – TAMK 2019

The video works were produced during the Moving Image study module in Spring 2019. The study module is part of the Fine Arts study path´s curriculum in Diploma Programme in Media and Arts. TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a full member of Tampere Universities community in Finland. In our art studies the emphasis is put on contemporary art and emerging technologies.

The authors of these video works are fine arts first year-, and exchange students. The aim was to explore the practice of moving image within fine art context, and to create a short video work.

Fanni Niemi-Junkola

Head of Fine Art Study Path

TAMK – Tampere University of Applied Sciences


Presented works:

Janna Lindfors
Title: Pet me
Duration: 2’:15’’

Janna Lindfors
Title: Virvatuli
Duration : 1’:44’’

Minh Pham, Joona Nieminen, Minna Tuokko
Title: Spoils
Duration : 5’:24’’

Bahar Gözmener
Title: Ipseity
Duration : 01’:08’’

Jasmin Gams, Elina Knuutinen, Kira Nakari, Petra Vuorinen
Title: Interval
Duration : 1’:55’’

Jonathan Carey, Janna Lindfors and Luiza Preda
Title: Disconnect
Duration : 1’:30’

Janna Lindfors
Title: Under Surveillance
Duration 1’:43’’

Luiza Preda
Title: The Owner
Duration : 2’:56’’

Luiza Preda
Title: The Dreamer
Duration : 7’:00’’

Minh Pham
Title: Till feathers have grown enough for the bird to fly away
Duration : 1’:52’’

Jenny Vesiväki & Anna Värri
Title: Bifurcation
Duration : 3’:15’’