Tina Jokitalo: Prelude

  • An action or event serving as an introduction to something more important

The Prelude project utilizes art as a means to evoke ecological awareness by using virtual space as a potential venue for its platform, enhancing the availability of its message. Based upon the art with references to global arming and environmental change, the virtual tour of Prelude deploys each work of art into 360° equirectangular panoramas. The artworks of Prelude were produced during the period between 2014-19, and have, until now, been exhibited at various venues and most recently, as a solo exhibition at the Photographic Centre Nykyaika, in Tampere, Finland (January 2019).

Tina Jokitalo (b. 1972, Sweden) is a bilingual Finnish artist who combines digital workflow with handicraft when evaluating the physical presence of the theme in the work, considering the staged illusion and its tension of disbelief in a playful manner. The concept of her work is influenced by the audiovisual language of theater and performance.
Jokitalo holds an M.A. degree in lighting design from the Theatre Academy of Finland. She has been working in several theater productions as a visual designer – including set design, video and light design. In 2008-12, she studied specialization studies on photography in Tampere and most recent, a two years study program on contemporary art at Nordic Art School in Kokkola, Finland.