Nicola Plant (UK): Paralax

Parallax is a movement-based interactive VR artwork. An exploratory artwork that invites the audience to use their own inherent expressivity as the research matter of a work that assiduously examines how it can be possible to translate the visceral experience of our inner flux of emotions and sensation into a communicative form of movement?

The audience communicate with one another by intuitively performing hand expressions and gestures that sculpt a shared malleable object existing in the virtual space between them. Although possessing its own base rhythm, the form entrains to the movements within these expressions. By materialising the embodied dynamics of human expression onto a virtual entity, the piece aims to uncover the characteristic rhythms and qualities within each audience member’s movements.

Working within art and technology Nicola Plant creates interactive installations and virtual reality artworks, specialising in movement-based interactivity using motion capture, electronic sensors and depth cameras. Nicola’s background is in new media art, computer science and music technology. She holds a PhD in embodied interaction and empathy from Queen Mary University of London. Her work focuses on how expressive movement can cross the boundary to translate the inner world of experience to a human connection. Presenting at venues such as the V&A and the Barbican in London, U.K., as well as at conferences and festivals worldwide.