Vanessa Vozzo (IT): Apnea

Concept: Vanessa V
With the support of: Compagnia di San Paolo in Bando ORA!
Realized in: Officine Sintetiche new media art platform
Production partners: Fondazione 107, Università degli Studi di Torino Politecnico di Torino, Festival di Andria Castel dei Mondi
In collaboration with: Comitato 3 ottobre, MSF Spain, Mosaico ̶ Azioni per i rifugiati, Conservatorio di Torino

The version presented at the Speculum Artium 2019 festival is a reduced version of Apnea, an interactive and immersive media artwork about migrants and the sea.

Apnea proposes an inner itinerary that we can all recognise: a cartography of feelings and fears mapped, using interactive and immersive technologies, and an exhibition of objects that were salvaged from the sea.
In Apnea the sea is a boundary where everything disappears, a real border, but also a representation of the limit that separates life from death, from solitude, from void.

In the full Apnea version the visitor’s exploratory experience unfolds through three environments that offer different degrees of immersiveness and interactivity: a journey into our own deep identity through our senses.