Tomo Križnar in Bojana Pivk Križnar: The Indigenous World of Nube and Blue Nile in 360°

Tomo Križnar is a human rights activist and world traveller, who has dealt with indigenous cultures worldwide for decades. As a Human he consistently and persistently follows his vision of sensing their everyday life and showing their vulnerabilities via different social media. He continuously seeks innovative media approaches to protect the surviving indigenous peoples from outside intrusions into their intimacy.

You can take a brief insight into these indigenous cultures with VR goggles at the DigitalBigScreen festival. Tomo Križnar shot these unique 360° videos together with his wife, activist and human rights advocate Bojana Pivk Križnar. Technology takes us, listeners and mere observers, into the world of native peoples’ playing, singing and dancing in the Nuba Mountains, the Blue Nile, Sharafat and Koma Ganza – they can be seen, heard and experienced here and now.

In 2014 the Ethecon Foundation (foundation for ethics and economy) awarded Tomo Križnar for his work. In 2015 he was awarded the “Europeans Citizen’s Prize” by the European Parliament.

Bojana Pivk Križnar has successfully carried out a humanitarian action of collecting school supplies for African children in the Nuba Mountains. Currently, they are both striving to get the distribution of drugs fighting leprosy even to the most remote regions of Sudan.

“The indigenous peoples in the Nuba Mountains and the Blue Nile, as well as in other regions in the Second World, are the victims of the putridness of the hearts in the First World. Not the flesh or the bones, but the fellow human hearts in the First World.” Tomo Križnar in Bojana Pivk Križnar