Barbara Jazbec (SI): Do you live in a box?

No, I’m not talking about the place you live in. I’m talking about the roles imposed on you, and are expected of you. The boxes you put yourself into. The boxes you let others put you in. The boxes into which the society boxes you.

Mentally, we usually
put people in boxes. This enables us to categorise people we meet without
giving it another thought. It’s part of human nature. The most common boxes you
are placed in are: “You’re not smart enough…”, “You’re a woman…”, “You’re
not old enough…”, “You’re too old…”, “You have tattoos…”

Boxes are perceived as a narrow space, offering a narrow view. They provide borders, direct focus on a single aspect, and shape our life. What if you find yourself in a box you don’t belong in? What if everyone else puts you into a box they think you belong in? What if society puts you in a box they think you belong in on account of your appearance, or your current economic status? How do you exit the box, when the exit instructions are printed on its outside?

How to change your box?

The installation represents a box a society boxes you in. The “monsters” outside are people who box you in. With the 360° video experience, the installation represents a nightmare you can’t wake up from.